Game Vehicle Creation with Blender and Substance Painter

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Welcome to Game Vehicle Creation with Blender and Substance Painter! In this course you will learn how to create a game vehicle, from the first polygon to the final configuration of the user controls in the game engine. You will learn:

  • Blender Modeling Tools and Modifiers
  • UV Mapping a Complex 3D Model in Blender
  • Creating a Color ID Map
  • Exporting FBX files from Blender
  • Texturing in Substance Painter
  • Baking a Normal Map in Substance Painter
  • Configuring a Vehicle in Unity

We will begin by modeling an Oshkosh-M All-Terrain Vehicle. We’ll go over the modeling tools and techniques that you’ll need to create a low-poly vehicle in Blender. We will UV map all the parts of the vehicle, and you’ll learn how to combine all the pieces into an efficient, unified UV map.

From here we will export the model out of Blender and into Substance Painter. We will build the textures for each part of the vehicle, and then export the texture maps out, ready to take into Unity. Finally, we will bring in the models and textures into Unity, set-up the materials, and configure the vehicle controls.

If you’re interested in creating and setting up game vehicles, and are looking for a comprehensive course to take you through every step of the process, then join me for Game Vehicle Creation with Blender and Substance Painter.

This course contains 120 videos, totaling more than 22 hours of content. You will also have access to all of the Project Files that were used in creating the course. And you will receive an invitation link to my Discord server where you can contact me if you have questions while going through the course.

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Learn to create a game vehicle using Blender, Substance Painter, and Unity.

Chapter 01
Introduction and Set-up
Chapter 02
Modeling the Front
Chapter 03
Creating the Cab and Doors
Chapter 04
Modeling the Back
Chapter 05
Creating the Gun Turret
Chapter 06
Adding a Few Details to the Cab
Chapter 07
Modeling the Wheels and Tires
Chapter 08
More Details to the Front
Chapter 09
More Details to the Rear
Chapter 10
Creating the Machine Gun
Chapter 11
Adding More Details to the Cab
Chapter 12
UV mapping the Cab and Turret
Chapter 13
UV mapping the Machine Gun
Chapter 14
UV Mapping the Front
Chapter 15
UV Mapping the Back
Chapter 16
UV mapping the Tires
Chapter 17
Creating the Color ID Maps
Chapter 18
Using Substance Painter
Chapter 19
Configuring a Vehicle in Unity
Chapter 20
Project Files


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Game Vehicle Creation with Blender and Substance Painter

1 rating
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