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Blender and Motion Capture

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Using motion capture data in Blender is a great way to create amazing animations, and it has never been easier to get started.  In this course you’ll learn how to create, import, and configure motion capture data to be used in Blender.

To do this we will need a character, so we'll use Character Creator 3 to quickly create a character to be used for this process. You can also just download the finished character, or use a character of your own.

We will then import the character into Blender and set-up the rig using a Blender add-on called Auto-Rig Pro. It has some great tools to retarget the motion capture data to the character, and to adjust the character to get good looking animation.

Next we'll use the Perception Neuron motion capture suit to create character animations. It’s a relatively low-cost system that allows you to get some really nice motion capture for your characters. But in a lecture at the end of the course, I’ll also show you how to use a pre-made motion capture file downloaded from the Mixamo website.

In the next section you’ll learn how to import the motion capture file and retarget it to your Blender character. We’ll talk about how to create a Bones List preset file and how to use Auto-Rig Pro’s Interactive Tweak tool to adjust the rig for better animation. And we will do a bit of Weight Painting to fix any deformation issues.

Finally, you’ll learn how to bring your animated character into an existing scene and render out the final animation to a video file.

This course contains 27 videos totaling 2 hours and 50 minutes of content. You will also have access to all of the Blender Scene files, the CC3 and Mixamo files, the .bvh files, and the Rig Presets. And you will receive an invitation link to my Discord server where you can contact me if you have questions while going through the course.

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Learn how to use Motion Capture animations in Blender.

Chapter 01
Chapter 02
Creating a Character in CC3
Chapter 03
Character Set-up in Blender
Chapter 04
Using Auto Rig Pro in Blender
Chapter 05
the Perception Neuron Suit
Chapter 06
Motion Capture Data in Blender
Chapter 07
Using the Character in a Scene
Chapter 08
Chapter 09
Project Files

Blender and Motion Capture

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